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> 1-02-08 Announcing single release in MARCH!!! ---> "THESE ARE THE DAYS " - Galaxee comeback! PRELISTENING >>
> 01-01-08 Happy new year
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> 08-10-07 Nomination for best "classic arcade soundtrack"  
> 20-07-07 Galaxee in studio to make new long player  
> 09-03-07 Big summer reunion tour in Scandinavia booking now!  
> 10-02-07 Album will be out 2007
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> 05-10-06 GALAXEE IN STUDIO!!!! Working on various remixes and album material  
> 15-03-06 Galaxee to play big events this year! Stay tuned for a concert update! FIND IT HERE
> 10-03-06 Rumor confirmed that GALAXEE will release a new single this SUMMER !!!!!  
> 03-02-06 NR announce that GALAXEE are in studio FIND IT HERE
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> 23-12-05 Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of our fans worldwide!!  
> 22-11-05 Studio breaking news!! New single from galaxee????  
> 11-04-05 Galaxee with Scooter, Tiesto, Darude, ATB ++ on the compilation "CYBER DJ IN THE MIX"" FIND IT HERE
>15-01-05 Galaxee to be released in ASIA by AVEX FIND IT HERE
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> 30-12-04 Happy new galaxee year!  
> 11-08-04 Galaxee announces an official "BREAK" due to other priorities as DJ`ing + producing etc. FIND IT HERE
> 11-08-04 Galaxee enters studio with a new single and preparation for a new album! The force is back ! FIND IT HERE
> 15-07-04 GALAXEE TO BE RELEASED IN ALL OF ASIA !! Stay tuned for more info. FIND IT HERE
> 23-05-04 Galaxee to be released and distributed in USA. Working with several compilations.... FIND IT HERE
> 08-03-04 Galaxee got a new International Booking Manager working with Contrazt Management --> FIND IT HERE
> 05-02-04 Galaxee had great response at MIDEM 2004. Asia and USA next? FIND IT HERE
> 29-01-04 Pictures added from the Rockefeller gig. Galaxee headlined and headbanged!! FIND IT HERE
> 05-01-04 Galaxee Headlines at Russe Kickoff in Rockefeller, Oslo! This kicks ass! FIND IT HERE
> 23-12-03 Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you ALL!  
> 16-12-03 Pix section updated with pictures from the Odda gig! Click to view----> FIND IT HERE
> 15-12-03 Article about Galaxee and TNT in a big Italian magazine/web called "Slamrock" FIND IT HERE
> 15-12-03 Big Galaxee article in "Herresalongen" Click for URL -----> FIND IT HERE
> 14-12-03 "10.000 Lovers" enters several single-charts in Norway! FIND IT HERE
> 12-12-03 Galaxee toplisted on several radiostations in Sweden and Denmark!! FIND IT HERE
> 08-12-03 "10.000 Lovers" jump straight into 2. place on "10 i skuddet" Highest new entry!!!!! FIND IT HERE
> 07-12-03 Galaxee enters Norwegian Dance Chart with " 10.000 Lovers" The first week! FIND IT HERE
> 01-12-03 "10.000 Lovers" as a challenger at "10 i skuddet" next week! Click the link to vote!! FIND IT HERE
> 30-11-03 GALAXEE ARTIST OF THE WEEK at mPETRE - Norways largest danceradio!!!! Read more----> FIND IT HERE
> 29-11-03 Fans go CRAZY!! Over 100.000 hits on the Galaxee web in November!!! World Record!! FIND IT HERE
> 28-11-03 mPETRE-tv played the "10.000 Lovers" video! And got massive response!!! FIND IT HERE
> 25-11-03 Galaxee got an article on one of the largest rock sites! The videostream went crazy!! FIND IT HERE
> 24-11-03 "10.000 Lovers" playlisted at Norways largest Dance radiostaion mPETRE ! FIND IT HERE
> 20-11-03 Refreshed menues and design. Also new banners for download ----> FIND IT HERE
> 14-11-03 New press-releases launched for Radios/Newspapers etc. The party is about to begin!! FIND IT HERE
> 13-11-03 Pictures from the VIDEOSHOT availible NOW !! This is hot and explicit ------> FIND IT HERE
> 11-11-03 Demand Galaxee "10.000 lovers" as a challenger for "10 i skuddet" Click link --> MAIL HERE
> 08-11-03 Extremly sexy video made for "10.000 lovers"!!! Lot`s of Models from MSR!! FIND IT HERE
> 04-11-03 TNT blesses the new Galaxee single, and says it rocks!!! And it does!! FIND IT HERE
> 26-09-03 Sorry to inform our fans that our new single is delayed due to a sample clearing...stay tuned!  
> 27-08-03 Galaxee live on Byscenen Haugesund 5th of sept. Also shooting for new video! Be there!! FIND IT HERE
> 26-08-03 Give your vote for Galaxee on 102 Band Index! Click the dices on the right! FIND IT HERE
> 24-08-03 ---------- NEW SINGLE OUT FROM 29.SEPTEMBER ---------- prelistenig coming!  
> 27-07-03 New pictures will be added to the pix section soon. So soon you might see yourself here? FIND IT HERE
> 27-07-03 If you want to, you can vote Galaxee best band of alltime at We hope you will..... Thankz :) FIND IT HERE
> 27-07-03 New single due very soon we hope, and we'll be back stronger than ever! Tourdates are coming soon too....  
> 06-06-03 New pictures added from AVERØY in the picture section >>>> A must see! FIND IT HERE
> 03-06-03 New single out soon!! Big summerhit coming your way!! Stay tuned!  

> 24-04-03

Galaxee included on big compilation in Russia! Also playlisted on radios in Russia!  
> 28-03-03 Galaxee are headed for studio to complete the new single. We'll be back once again... -again!  

> 25-03-03

Galaxee plays in Kongeparken at Norways largest russetreff may 2003 FIND IT HERE
> 15-02-03 Galaxee included on "The Ultimate Party Pack - Middle Of Winter 2003" available now FIND IT HERE

> 13-02-03

New dates and places added to our forthcoming tour in norrthern Norway - Is your hometown is on the list? FIND IT HERE
> 28-01-03 "The Shoemaker" still no. 1 on NRK mPetre's most popular ringtones for your mobile.....! FIND IT HERE
> 28-01-03 Planning of a new tour in Northern Norway in progress. Watch out for Galaxee in Tromsø etc. FIND IT HERE
> 15-01-03 New desktop / wallpaper item! (tanx Martin) Check it out ----> FIND IT HERE
> 13-01-03 "The Shoemaker" re-enter NORWEGIAN DANCE CHART on 22.Place!! Cool!! FIND IT HERE
> 06-01-03 "The Shoemaker" video Norways most popular video on Svisj and ZTV FIND IT HERE
> 31-12-02 "The Shoemaker" 5 straight weeks on VG-lista !!!! FIND IT HERE
> 17-12-02 GALAXEE "THE SHOEMAKER" on VG-lista . 3rd week!! Merry Christmas! FIND IT HERE
> 16-12-02 "The Shoemaker" straight in for a on Platekompaniet Top 20 FIND IT HERE
> 10-12-02 FINALLY! Watch "The Shoemaker" video NOW! Click here>>> FIND IT HERE
> 06-12-02 "The Shoemaker" straight in for a on Free Record Shop Top 30!! FIND IT HERE
> 05-12-02 GALAXEE interviewed in "ABSOLUTT UNDERHOLDNING" on TV2. See the clip here >>> FIND IT HERE
> 05-12-02 GALAXEE interviewed on "TOPP 20" on NRK. See the clip here >>> FIND IT HERE
> 05-12-02 GALAXEE "LIVE" on "TOPP 20" on NRK. See the clip here >>> FIND IT HERE
> 04-12-02 GALAXEE interviewed on NRK. FIND IT HERE
> 04-12-02 GALAXEE in "Haugesunds Avis" before the gig on thursday! FIND IT HERE
> 03-12-02 GALAXEE "THE SHOEMAKER" straight in for 14. place on "VG-lista" ! After one week!! FIND IT HERE
> 02-12-02 "The Shoemaker" straight in for a on "Ti i skuddet" Fantastic!!! FIND IT HERE
> 21-11-02 The amazing new GALAXEE video soon have premiere! ! It`s nasty!  
> 21-11-02 The new GALAXEE single now RELEASED !!! " The Shoemaker" FIND IT HERE
> 18-11-02 The new GALAXEE single included on McMusic 23! For the 4th time!!!! FIND IT HERE
> 15-11-02 "Lullaby" included on the McMusic "Best of 2002" a privilige!! FIND IT HERE
> 06-11-02 Huge RELEASE TOUR about to be announced in the Live section! FIND IT HERE
> 30-10-02 The Galaxee album now up for release in Europe!! FIND IT HERE
> 16-10-02 Galaxee makes Musicvideo for their NEW Single!! Watch out! Release 16.November!  
> 14-10-02 Galaxee finished the new SINGLEHIT with release 18. November  
> 10-10-02 The album track: "Fly Away" playlisted at radios in Norway and Europe!  
> 20-09-02 One year with Galaxee - Galaxee dancers interviewed in Norwegian newspaper! FIND IT HERE
> 12-09-02 The Galaxee album to be released in rest of Europe!? Big meetings going on ! FIND IT HERE
> 01-09-02 Huge success for GALAXEE in Hamar!! FIND IT HERE
> 19-08-02 Galaxee the 9th best selling Norwegian Band!! Watch the commersial! FIND IT HERE
> 06-08-02 Galaxee article in Haugesunds Avis FIND IT HERE
> 31-07-02 Big picture in Norways largest newspaper VG....Again !! :)) FIND IT HERE
> 30-07-02 The Galaxee album commersial on ALL CINEMAS IN NORWAY NOW!!! FIND IT HERE
> 21-07-02 New merchandise for all the kick ass people!! >>> Watch, weep and order! FIND IT HERE
> 20-07-02 New pictures added in the picture section >>>> A must see! FIND IT HERE
> 17-07-02 ARTIST OF THE WEEK at Norway`s largest danceradio mPETRE!! FIND IT HERE
> 08-07-02 ALBUM OF THE YEAR OUT NOW ! Follow the link for pre-listening!!! FIND IT HERE
> 27-06-02 GALAXEE included on McMusic for the THIRD time!! "OUR GALAXEE" included on McMusic 21! FIND IT HERE
> 26-06-02 Watch the TV-Commersial for the NEW ALBUM !! Will also be out for the Movie theatres!! FIND IT HERE
> 25-06-02 "Our Galaxee" included in DJ set`s in Germany, France and the Netherlands!!  
> 24-06-02 GALAXEE CLIMBES!!!! Up for a 16. place on VG-lista Topp 20 !! Up up up! FIND IT HERE
> 17-06-02 Enters the Norwegian DanceChart!! "Our Galaxee" hits the dancefloors! FIND IT HERE
> 16-06-02 Galaxee hit the charts....Platekompaniet and Free Record Shop!!! FIND IT HERE
> 13-06-02 "OUR GALAXEE" as a tune for yor Nokia. Kicks ass! FIND IT HERE
> 11-06-02 GALAXEE DID IT AGAIN !!!! Straight in for a 17. place on VG-lista Topp 20 !! Tanx Folks!! FIND IT HERE
> 02-06-02 The NEW SINGLE : " Our Galaxee" playlisted at the largest radios!! >>Out now! FIND IT HERE
> 24-05-02 Thw NEW SINGLE: " Our Galaxee" will be released in Europe! FIND IT HERE
> 14-05-02 The NEW SINGLE : " Our Galaxee" will be out in 2 weeks!!! Check the preview and cover! FIND IT HERE
> 22-04-02 Galaxee back from Stockholm with the album mastered by Bjørn Engelmann at Cutting Room! FIND IT HERE
> 02-04-02 Galaxee still #1 on "10 i skuddet" included on the list for amazing 11 weeks! Check it out! FIND IT HERE
> 25-03-02 New pictures from the faboulus Rock mot Rus at Andøy! Lots of nice shots! FIND IT HERE
> 18-03-02 New pictures from ZAP-party in Bergen! 4000 happy people! Also Movie in the Dwnload section. FIND IT HERE
> 14-03-02 Nice pictures for your computer desktop. A must for real Galaxee fans! FIND IT HERE
> 07-03-02 Check out the NEW 12" "Lullaby" Remix by Subzero. The whole mix in Real! FIND IT HERE
> 26-02-02 Put a GALAXEE banner on ur page! Download from the SMS/DWNLOAD section! FIND IT HERE
> 25-02-02 Check out the new McMusic 19 including "LULLABY" FIND IT HERE
> 18-02-02 "LULLABY" Don`t sleep! #1 on 10 I SKUDDET 5 weeks steady!! FIND IT HERE
> 17-02-02 GALAXEE kicked ass in Denmark! Ålborgs: UNDER URET << Pix and guestbook! FIND IT HERE
> 03-02-02 GALAXEE play at DANCEPARTY 2002 in Askim 20/4 !DJ Jean and DJ Jurgen ++ FIND IT HERE
> 01-02-02 "LULLABY" almost sold PLATINUM in Norway!! Thanx to all our fans!!  
> 30-01-02 >>>>>> LULLABY HOLDIN IN! 15. PLACE ON   VG LISTA TOPP 20 <<<<<< FIND IT HERE
> 24-01-02 "LULLABY" most played track on THE VOICE Norways largest dance radio! FIND IT HERE
> 23-01-02 >>>>>> LULLABY UP(!) TO 10. PLACE ON   VG LISTA TOPP 20 <<<<<< FIND IT HERE

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